Friday, January 18, 2008

Bum tunes

Good for Fordbumming around.

You'll also need a pair of these to feel right:

The last leg of the British Invasion was one big "Blues Cover", with an emphasis on James Brown styled vocals. Though many familiar bands like the Yardbirds/Cream/Faces strain and of course Led Zeppelin, started out by playing covers of then-old blues tunes they eventually included more and more original material with a commercial flavor and distinctly Anglo interpretation. (Some people simply refer to this as "W/T", but I like it for SOME reason)

This song was recorded in 1968, when all of the band members were still just teenagers- the bass player was the youngest at 15, while Paul Rogers was only 18. But when a young man sings "I live on a mountain........a hundred miles from town", you have to know that he's serious about the ladies.

Style points.