Sunday, February 1, 2009

A shock less traveled..

I guess I'm weird. I want my truck to sit low AND still have full functionality.
Luckily, with all of the trickery on the front frame suspension geometry, I'll only be stealing 2.0" - 2.5" travel from the stock suspension movement in order to really" get down". Nevertheless, that's probably enough to bottom out the OE spec shocks on a regular basis, and make the ol' Fridge ride like a logwagon.

Classic performance sells "shortie" shocks for the front of the '57-50 F100, but I wanted to know exactly what that meant (in numbers)- and of course if I could find them cheaper somewhere's elst (more numbers).

Starting at both and Rockauto, I found that the the 57-60 F100 uses a Gabriel #5826 for OEM replacement.
This means a compressed length of 10.125", and 6.25" inches of travel ( 16.375" extended).

Comparison using the Monroe shock catalog (see below) shows a shock with exactly 2.125" shorter compressed height- and exactly 2.0" less travel: #5811 is my lucky number here.

A search on rockauto reveals that the Gabriel SpecTrac 5811 shock is specified for most '66-'73 Chrysler big cars: Newport, Fury, and Monaco.

Beyond just the numbers- my common sense tells me that this is a perfect match: exactly short enough, with predictably less suspension travel for a car (or lowered truck), made for a very similarly sized/weight vehicle. Score.

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