Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Axle Follies

My 58 f100 came to with a huge set of meats on the back- pretty killer, huh?
They're so wide that they hang outside the wheelwell....

Well, those are actually 225/75/15 whitewall cheapies.......and that's the WRONG axle in my truck.

After cleaning off the tag, and running the numbers- it ends up being out of one of these bad-boys.
Very cut-som, indeed.

A guy from the HAMB came and got this old '68-'71 E100 bone for like $100, before I could put it out of it's misery and bury it.

The new Pig
So I haul a new rearend home- this time from a 1957 f100.
Turns out to be a 3.25 open gearset

A quick rebuild and limited slip diff install are next.

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